Why its not so good for the sperm

I recently visited The Fertility Show in London – something I have done for the last couple of years.  The show remains small but informative and provides a variety of talks on all aspects of natural and assisted conception.  This year the emphasis seemed to be on Male Fertility!

There were several talks on the subject from a lifestyle perspective – I pinched this title from one of them.  So what did I learn?

Male Fertility has only been researched in the last 50 years and during that time the evidence suggests that the quality of semen is deteriorating…. why is that?

Well it must be to do with changes to our environment, our lifestyle for sure and our nutrition.

So chaps, prick up those ears because here are some hard truths …..

Some facts about male fertility and lifestyle:

  • Male Factor – Approximately 40% of fertility issues are based on the Male Factor (i.e. sperm – low count/poor quality).
  • You produce a startling 500 million sperm in one ejaculate, however (before you get too excited), only 50 make it to the egg, if at all.
  • Smoking causes impotence and is a no no as far as fertility is concerned – it has more impact on the male factor than the female factor.
  • Alcohol impacts on blood sugar levels and fertility but moderation is acceptable.
  • STI’s – in the last 20 years these have increased enormously and therefore more relevant to the younger male – STI’s cause infection that can impact on fertility.
  • Recreational Drugs – the use of impacts on libido and produces poor quality sperm.
  • Viagra – increases motility of sperm but impacts on quality and, by the end of the journey the sperm can’t do their job!
  • Steroids – Impair virility.
  • Stress – Adrenal exhaustion impairs Testosterone.
  • Heat Exposure – to the Testes reducing sperm quality can be caused from obesity, sitting for long periods (Lorry Drivers etc), Synthetic Clothing, Laptops.
  • Environmental Chemicals – in house, air, food, water, furniture etc impact on our oestrogen levels and our endocrine or hormonal system – basically they can potentially wreak havoc with your DNA/sperm or embryo development.

So, what is the answer?  Well as always its about health and well-being.  Stop smoking and any use of the drugs mentioned above.  Cut down on alcohol, sugar, coffee, salt etc.  Eat well – go organic where possible.  Exercise, get fresh air and avoid chemicals in your environment and if you are unsure about the health of your lovely sperm, get tested!!!

Alison Fuller

Author Alison Fuller

Alison specialises in treating infertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause and all things hormonal. She feels passionate about Women’s Health and strongly believes that treatment encourages emotional release (tension), and physical and chemical (hormonal) balance. She mainly runs her practice in Weybridge, but also sees clients at the Newlife Fertility Clinic in Epsom.

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