For the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown I would like to offer you online help and support: 

Online Hypnotherapy Session – New Clients

Designed for those who wish to address the anxieties, fears or worries that come from prolonged fertility issues, miscarriage, pregnancies or cancelled/postponed IVF during these difficult times.  They can also be for anyone simply wishing to benefit from a personalised session, designed to relax and calm the mind.  The session includes a health questionnaire and discussion around the main reason underpinning your worry.  You will then get yourself comfortable and I will begin the relaxation part which can be recorded so you can listen again and again.  75 mins/£60

Online Hypnotherapy Session – Existing Clients

A little extra support for my existing clients who simply want to benefit from a online session – designed to relax and calm the mind.  We will have a chat first, to see what you would like to address and then I will begin the relaxation part.  The session can be recorded so you can listen again and again.  60 mins/£45

Relaxing Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Online Consultation For New Clients

For those who wish to start the process, with the intention of coming for treatment once the lockdown has been lifted, and would like to benefit from the Consultation and discussion beforehand.  We will go through a full consultation of your medical history and discuss the main reason you are enquiring about treatment.  It will be an opportunity for you to raise any questions prior to treatment including what therapies or combination of therapies would be best for you and how they fit within your cycle.  30 mins/£25

Once the consultation has been completed, the face to face treatment can be pre-booked in the diary for post lockdown. 60 mins/£60

Online Consultation For Existing Clients

A simple review of your well-being at this time as our treatment plan has probably been interrupted by the Covid-19 lockdown.  Has your IVF been postponed?  Are you trying to conceive naturally in the meantime?  How are you feeling mentally and emotionally at this time?  15 mins/£15

Newsletter April 2020

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