Hypnosis For Pregnancy (Second Trimester)


Hypnosis For Pregnancy, Second Trimester has been created specifically for women who are wanting to relax and settle into the second part of their pregnancy.  This is a gentle and relaxing recording aimed at supporting you from weeks 13 to 26, encouraging you to connect with your baby through the breath, but you can actually use it at any time of pregnancy.

Once you get to 26 weeks, you can either continue, or move onto my Hypnosis for Pregnancy, Third Trimester (coming shortly).

This recording simply takes you into a deep relaxation and allows change to happen through creative visualisation and positive suggestion.

Download the recording to your device, use headphones, earphones or earbuds ideally, listen to the instructions at the beginning and then just relax.  You can listen at any time* – I’d recommend at the end of your day, when you won’t be disturbed, just make sure that you are in a safe place and are comfortable and warm.  Enjoy.

Alison is a registered Hypnotherapist and a Fertile Body Method Practitioner.  This recording is available as an mp3 download only.

  • Please do not listen to recordings whilst driving, operating machinery or when you are doing something that requires your full attention.