Fertility Reflexology, Fertility Massage and Hypnotherapy

Newlife Clinic in Epsom specialises in treating Fertility, Immunology and Women’s Health.

As well as working in my own Therapy Room in Weybridge, Surrey, I also see clients at the Newlife Clinic in Epsom, offering Fertility Reflexology, Fertility Massage and Hypnotherapy to support women going through assisted reproductive procedures such as IVF/ICSI and IUI.

I can also see anyone wishing to conceive naturally, are having hormonal problems, or who are suffering from the discomforts of Pregnancy.

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for those suffering from the stress of prolonged infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy anxiety.

If you wish to book a treatment at the Clinic, please contact me on 07811 123494 or send me a email.

Alternatively if you are interested in the services that the Clinic provide, please see their details below:

Newlife Clinic
The Pines
2 The Parade
Epsom KT18 5DH


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