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Hot Flushes
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Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

Are your Hot Flushes Getting You Down? Help is at hand... Hot flushes can occur for many women after the age of around 40 due to a decrease in hormone levels. This is a time when women are changing and…
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Breast Pain
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Breast Pain – An Genuine Concern?

I have always suffered from monthly ‘breast tenderness’ but like many women I was simply unaware that repeated breast pain or tenderness is a ‘real’ condition known medically as Mastalgia - it literally means ‘pain in the region of the…
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Therapy for Hormonal Imbalance
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Ladies, how well do you know your cycle?

Our bodies are wonderfully intrinsic and complex, yet we seemingly know little about them, we only find out how it works when it becomes broken or damaged or in need of repair. From our teens to our 50s most women…
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Caffeine and Fertility - Do I, Don't I
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Caffeine and Fertility?…

Do I or don't I? Comment - “Complementary Therapists recommend that you should cut out caffeine altogether when trying to conceive as it can reduce your changes of fertility” (there is also some evidence to say that it can increase…
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