How do I know if Hypnotherapy can help me?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the issue that you wish to address.  I will advise if I feel that Hypnotherapy can be of help to you.

What type of session is best for me?

Our initial session will be for approximately 90 mins.  If we feel that you need more than one session we can discuss this initially depending on the nature of the issue that you wish to address.

Is Hypnosis/Clinical Hypnotherapy like stage hypnotism?

No, stage hypnotism is performed for entertainment purposes.  This is not the same as Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.

I’m worried I won’t be in control?

Part of the session will involve discussion, various techniques or exercises may be used in which you will be completely conscious and when it comes to pure Hypnotherapy, I use an eyes closed deep relaxation technique when I work – you will simply be very relaxed during this part of the therapy.  You are always in control and will have complete awareness of your environment.

If you want to try some of my work to see if it is of benefit to you, do download my Hypnosis for Deep Relaxation Recording which is completely free.


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