Fertility Massage is a massage to the abdomen and the lower back areas that specifically aims to address hormonal, reproductive and stress related conditions including stored pelvic trauma.

The Treatment

This non-invasive, external massage helps to improve the flow of blood and lymph, the conduction of nerves and movement of life force throughout the body.  It aims to release tension found in connective tissue of the abdomen and lower back, thereby aiding to clear blockages, bloating, toxic build-up, water retention, and waste, improving flow of blood and oxygen to the tissues.  For issues non-fertility related such as stress, IBS etc see Abdominal Massage.

Massage encourages relief from symptoms of common abdominal conditions such as Fibroids, fertility challenges, low back pain, Endometriosis, painful and irregular periods etc.

Within Fertility Massage, Alison may use a fusion of techniques including emotional trauma work and guided visualisation to create a uniquely nurturing treatment. During excessive periods of stress, ill-health or emotional trauma our reproductive organs may choose to shut down if the body is not functioning optimally. This may be the case with anovulation (no ovulation), no bleed, no cycle or irregularity etc. In order to restore health to the reproductive organs, all areas should be addressed on an emotional, physical and energetic level which is why this treatment can be so effective when treating fertility issues, miscarriage and hormonal disruption.

Fertility Massage

The Benefits

The overall aim of the treatment is to increase circulation of blood and oxygen to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes and to bring relief from bloating, tension, tightness and trauma that may be held in connective tissue within and around these organs. Treatment increases circulation to the digestive system thereby enhancing the immune system. It promotes hormonal balance and helps the body clear old stagnant blood, old tissue and scar tissue.

When to Treat

You can experience this treatment during most of your cycle and at certain stages of a medicated cycle (but not right before or during bleed), however pre-ovulation is optimum, but it is also effective and adaptive post ovulation.  It is not suitable for those with a coil fitted, too close to abdominal surgery (please allow 6 weeks recovery period for minor procedures), during pregnancy or if you have an infection or high temperature.

Please call 07811 123494 or email to discuss treatment and arrange an appointment or click fees for full details of prices.  Alison is based in Weybridge, Surrey and at the Newlife Clinic in Epsom.

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