Hypnosis For IVF Preparation


Hypnosis For IVF contains 3 recordings to help support you through your IVF Treatment Cycle.

The first recording ‘Hypnosis To Prepare for IVF Stimulation’ is for your Preparation Stage from Egg Stimulation Through to Egg Collection.

The second recording ‘Hypnosis To Prepare for Transfer’ for supports you from your Egg Collection procedure through to your Embryo Transfer procedure.

The third recording ‘Hypnosis for IVF Implantation’ supports you from Embryo Transfer through your two week wait.

Each recording starts with general instructions and then takes you into a place of relaxation.  The aim of each recording is to help you with each phase of your IVF protocol, to support your mind and body as you take each step of the process.

Recent research (Levitas, et al, 2005) shows that by using creative visualisation at, and around the Transfer Stage of IVF can have potentially high success rates.  

Work through the recordings in the order as stated above, through each phase of your IVF or ICSI cycle.  If you have already started your IVF cycle, or if you are going through a Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle, simply use the appropriate recording for the phase that you are in.

The Fertile Body MethodAlison is a registered Hypnotherapist and a Fertile Body Method Practitioner.  This recording is available as an mp3 download only and is made with kind permission of The Fertile Body Method.