In essence they are chemicals, secreted into the bloodstream from a system of glands in order to regulate the body’s various functions such as reproduction, metabolism, and mood!  The glands form a system called the Endocrine System which is both complex and amazing. When in imbalance it impacts on our emotional as well as our physical well-being.

For women, this is usually evident in a rolling monthly cycle from puberty to menopause – a span of some 40 years!!  For men, the impact may be unseen and difficult to monitor but can result in poor levels of Testosterone equalling poor or low sperm counts.  You would think therefore that a system so intrinsically linked to our well-being would be close to our hearts or at least we would be well-informed on said subject. However, for most, this is far from the truth and it seems that we only become more informed as and when we are experiencing difficulties with this delicate system.

How are they affected?

Our bodies are constantly in a state of flux, sending out messages to either increase or decrease various hormones in order to keep levels acceptable.  However when we absorb substances like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine, environmental chemicals etc, or if we suffer periods of emotional or physical stress, our levels are rapidly disrupted or distorted and additional pressure if placed upon the Endocrine system causing short term or long term stress.  Ultimately the hormonal balance becomes affected and problems may start to occur such as; Eczema, headaches, PMT, Psorasis, irregular cycles, heavy or no periods, lack of ovulation, bloating, insomnia etc.

How can treatment help?

Holistic therapy helps to improve hormonal balance by reducing the affects of stress on the body through relaxing techniques. The aim of any treatment is to bring the body back into a state of homeostatis – to regulate the internal environment and maintain a stable, constant condition.

Alison Fuller

Author Alison Fuller

Alison specialises in treating infertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause and all things hormonal. She feels passionate about Women’s Health and strongly believes that treatment encourages emotional release (tension), and physical and chemical (hormonal) balance. She mainly runs her practice in Weybridge, but also sees clients at the Newlife Fertility Clinic in Epsom.

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