“The unconscious mind is always listening – suggestions can be made which will have an influence, as long as these find some resonance at the unconscious level!” – Milton Erickson


Hypnotherapy is the use of Hypnosis in a therapeutic manner. We all often experience a form of Hypnosis when we daydream, read a book, drive the car etc., – it is simply a naturally occurring altered state. In a typical session Hypnotherapists work with a fully conscious client, helping them to reach a profound state of relaxation. The conscious mind quietens, allowing the unconscious mind to listen. Positive suggestions are made in order to either bring about change, albeit subtle, or to experience deep relaxation in order to counteract stress. At all times during a session you are aware of what is being said to you, and you have total control. Do read my FAQ’s if you have any concerns.

As a Certified Hypnotic Fertility & Birthing Practitioner (CHFP & CHBP), and a Fertile Body Method Practitioner (FBM), I offer a holistic approach to Hypnotherapy, specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy and Miscarriage and Menopause anxiety.  When working I may use a fusion of techniques to help address the problem.

Hypnotherapy For Fertility and Pregnancy Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with the emotional roller coaster associated with fertility and pregnancy anxiety and pregnancy loss. Research has shown that it is a safe therapy which can help to maximise the chances of conception and maintain a healthy pregnancy.  It is also extremely effective in helping with a large number of stress-related issues.

When you decide to start a family, you often have no idea that this may turn into a repetitive cycle of physical and emotional stress as it becomes apparent that the family you so desire, seems to be so unachievable and the whole issue becomes all encompassing, all consuming and often obsessive.

Many women find it difficult to focus on other aspects of their lives and as day by day, and month by month you continue to be unsuccessful, you can often feel isolated and detached from the outside world and often from each other.  At the same time other factors can play a major role such as ‘age’ and time and/or finances.  Stress starts to play a significant role in the never-ending monthly cycle of events and this in turn adds another dimension as stress causes a significant impact of the hormonal system – a system that you are trying so hard to regulate, control, understand, and, so finely balance.

And, for some, even when a pregnancy is achieved and you expect to feel elated, you are often faced with a cascade of anxiety for the following 9 months until finally a successful birth alleviates the strain.

Fertility issues, Pregnancy anxiety and Pregnancy Loss are often very lonely issues.  Evidence shows that most men don’t share these problems at all, and most women only share their feelings with very close friends.  More often than not the subject is not shared with Employers.  Sometimes the subject is not discussed with family members and even friends are excluded if they are pregnant, have children or have never suffered such a loss – the whole issue becomes deeply personal and often detachment seems the only way to cope with the day to day emotional roller-coaster.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You By:

  • Reducing the impact of stress both emotionally and physically and thereby enhancing the chance of conception.
  • Helping you to regain a sense of control of your life.
  • Prepare for and support through IVF (assisted conception cycles)
  • Releasing underlying issues, blocks or worries that may be impacting on your fertility.
  • Encouraging communication and/or addressing any factors causing further stress between you as a couple.
  • Addressing any areas of guilt, grief or fear
  • Creating and focusing on positive outcomes, and preparation for Birth (Hypnobirthing).

Initial session – 90 mins.  Follow on sessions – 60 mins. The number of sessions required will really depend on the issue being addressed.

Call 07811 123494 to arrange an appointment or email on info@thehormonaltherapist.co.uk.

Alison is an Easibirthing Certified Hypnotic Fertility & Birthing Practitioner (CHFP & CHBP), Fertile Body Method Practitioner and Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR).


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