What My Clients Say

When I first went to Alison I was ground down by the unhappy loop of trying and failing to get pregnant and terrified at the thought of having to embark on the dreaded IVF route.  She enabled me to let go of some of my thought processes that were holding me back, and was able to take me from feeling negative and fearful to positive, open to possibilities and able to do what I had to do.  The environment Alison created was a warm, safe place with absolute trust – I really don’t know if I could have taken on IVF if I hadn’t worked with her and feel extremely lucky to have found her.

– Lucy

I have been seeing Ali for 3 years now and I absolutely LOVE seeing her.  She has this way about her that makes you want to come back for more as her treatments are so fantastic and have helped me IMMENSELY!  I have specifically been seeing her for Reflexology.  I am sure her magical touch has been instrumental in me achieving my pregnancy.  She also is such a fountain of knowledge.  She has also become a really dear friend on our journey together!  I EMPHATICALLY recommend Ali to whoever is blessed/fortunate to encounter her in their lives!

– Keri

Alison helped me immensely through a very difficult time – I’d had a couple of miscarriages which had left me both emotionally and physically shut down.  I was desperate for another baby but neither my mind or body were in the right place and I felt so stuck!  I completed some hypnotherapy and reflexology with Alison and within a few months not only did I start to emotionally heal but physically my body started to respond and I found myself pregnant.  I’m now literally waiting for the arrival of my long awaited number 2 any day now.  I can’t recommend Alison enough – not only is she a fantastic practitioner who listens and puts you at ease from the second you make contact with her, she is also hugely supportive and personable.  She has been in touch through my pregnancy and I truly believe I am where I am because of the treatments I received, what a find!

– Niamh

I can’t recommend Alison enough! After a traumatic first birth, I was very scared about going through labour a second time. Alison worked her magic with a combination of reflexology, relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques. This allowed me to feel a lot more in control whilst in labour and I definitely managed the pain better and stayed calmer using these techniques. I also saw Alison for reflexology in early pregnancy when I was suffering from terrible morning sickness. Not only was the therapy incredibly relaxing, but I saw a real improvement in my digestive system and sleeping patterns after the sessions – Thank you Alison!

– Lily

I was finding it difficult to get pregnant again after two early miscarriages within 2 years.  I also suffered from adult hormonal acne which I knew to be linked.  I had seen a couple of doctors who had dismissed me saying that they only take 3 repeat miscarriages seriously and that the acne had to be hereditary, I realised I had to seek alternative help.  Then I found Alison.  After one Reflexology treatment I came away feeling much more relaxed and positive.  Finally I was receiving comforting knowledge; where doctors had been unhelpful and the internet full of chat forums and an overload of information, Alison provided me with such a wealth of knowledge about my situation and alternative routes going forward. Not only that but the Reflexology was incredibly relaxing and better than any massage  I’ve ever had. The month following the treatment, my acne cleared up and I felt a huge shift in my cycle. Alison was always helpful to look over my temperature charts, even over the internet and reply to any questions I had. I then had 2 more treatments and a few weeks later I took a pregnancy test.  I am now 14 weeks pregnant and Alison is still such a support. Even with me now living abroad, she has been totally supportive and it has been wonderful to ask her any questions and she replies with the best advice I am absolutely certain that without her involvement I would not have reached the stage I am at today and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

– Amy

I went to see Alison for some natural assistance to complement the rigours of the IVF treatments I was undergoing.  Alison is fantastic!  Not only do you spend an hour of bliss having delightful reflexology, she also really helps to put you at ease and is incredibly knowledgeable about fertility.  She never clock watches (such a rarity) and gives you as much time as you need.  I love my appointments with Alison and can’t wait until the next one – oh, and did I mention I’m expecting twins!  I can’t recommend highly enough – even if you’re a sceptic go for the wonderful relaxation – you won’t be disappointed!

– Lucy B

I just wanted to let you know that it seems your treatment worked! Contractions started about 1am the next day and my daughter was born at 2.30pm that afternoon. So great to go into labour naturally and it meant I got the water birth I wanted which was such a much better experience than last time. It only took 20mins of pushing for her to make her appearance, even though she was back-to-back! We even got to go home that evening. Thanks again!! 

– Roz

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