‘She Oak’ and ‘Pear’

Sometimes you just want a little helping hand with Fertility and Childbirth traumas or issues.  An easy bit of ‘self help’ is to try an Essence that fits your Psychological, Mental, Emotional or Physical state.

‘She Oak’ Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Remedy Range is highly recommended for Fertility or hormonal issues.

Negative Condition:  Female imbalance, inability to conceive for non-physical reasons

Positive Outcome:  Emotionally open to conceive, female balance

She Oak is described as “an Essence which is very beneficial in overcoming imbalances and bringing about a sense of wellbeing in females.  It will benefit women who feel distressed about infertility.  It removes those personal blocks that prevent conception.  It can also be used in conjunction with Flannel Flower which will help remove karmic patterns hindering conception.  The fruit of this tree is very similar in size to a woman’s ovary.  This Essence was made from the female tree of the species.” (

‘Pear’ Essence from the Master Flower Essence Range is for Childbirth traumas and issues.

‘Pear’ Essence is described as “Emergency rescue remedy, for any kind of crisis, physical or emotional.  Being thrown off balance during traumatic events, accidents, illness, childbirth, post natal depression.  Clears shock, and fear, giving peace of mind, and stability during major changes.  Promotes peacefulness, peace of mind; returns a sense of rhythm and proportion; for being fully in the present moment; ability to handle crisis; for stability during major changes.

These essences can typically be taken as drops under the tongue or in a small amount of water – follow the directions on the product.  You can buy them online from sites such as Amazon, Neals Yard or etc for approximately £10 to £12 or from good Health Food Stores.

Alison Fuller

Author Alison Fuller

Alison specialises in treating infertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause and all things hormonal. She feels passionate about Women’s Health and strongly believes that treatment encourages emotional release (tension), and physical and chemical (hormonal) balance. She mainly runs her practice in Weybridge, but also sees clients at the Newlife Fertility Clinic in Epsom and at The Cobham Acupuncture and Reflexology Clinic in Cobham, Surrey.

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